Santee Cares. Santee Shares.

Santee Santas Foundation

The Santee Santas Foundation is a local non-profit 501(c)(3) registered organization, providing help to members of our community living within the Santee School District and in need of assistance.

Santee Santas signature effort is an annual holiday children’s toy and food drive focused on bringing the Christmas spirit to some 300 families in our community. Our senior outreach program ensures seniors in our community who are living alone or in senior care facilities are not forgotten over the holidays. Our volunteers serve the Santee community throughout the year, and have done so for the past sixty years!

Santee Santas is an all-volunteer organization, with school district employees, City of Santee staff, firefighters, local businesses, service organizations, mobile home parks and local citizens working together to make each year’s endeavors successful. There are minimal administrative costs; all donations are tax deductible and all donations are used to assist families and seniors in need of help.



Santee Lakes Foundation

The Santee Lakes Foundation, a local non-profit 501(c)(3), was established to promote the importance of outdoor recreation, conservation and environmental sustainability at Santee Recreational Preserve through charitable support in the following areas: Recreational programs, habitat restoration and maintenance, environmental education programs, and park improvements and maintenance.

The Foundation’s main purpose is to raise funds to support the many projects in design to enhance the enjoyment of the lake and sustain the wetland habitat through education and support for its diverse inhabitants.



Santee Food Bank

The Santee Food Bank has been an integral part of the community since 1983, providing local residents in need with temporary food assistance. We are a wholly independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that partners with various regional resources to serve approximately 400-500 individual families and senior residents each month. Our mission is to alleviate food insecurities within the City of Santee.

The Santee Food Bank is staffed with 15-20 core volunteer workers who all generously give of their time and talent. Collectively, these volunteers donate an amazing 14,000 hours a year of their time. Never in the history of the Santee Food Bank has anyone ever been paid to serve; the organization is a true all-volunteer community effort. All monetary donations support the mission of the Santee Food Bank.